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How To Play:
There are two sides.  One team will take the one side, one team will take the other side, THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME, so we won’t have to do any switching sides.  Laser hits respawn is ALWAYS on for this.  Anyway, unlike traditional Capture the flag, the sides mean nothing except where the flags are positioned and where you have to take them in the end.  The flags will be buggies in XORBs, YOU MAY NOT SHOOT A FLAG, if you do, you could have punishments that may be as severe as boot and ban, which is bad for the team.  Each time you get the opposing side's flag to your side, you score a point, the team with the most points at the end of 20 minutes wins.  This is played with camouflage badges and no minimap.


Breaking of rules will be grounds for penalty.

A flag may not leave the marked playing field, however, players may.

You may not shoot a flag.

You may not put a flag in an area where it cannot be retrieved.

There will be 2 10 minute halves and 5 minute halftime.

At halftime, the flags are reset.


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